The 411 on Hair Loss & Hair Loss Treatments

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Baldness has become a trend among celebrities in recent years. LL Cool J, Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Tyrese Gibson…all names synonymous with bald & beautiful. In fact, their attractiveness partially stems from the fact that they are bald. But when you go from having a full head of hair to noticing that your hair isn’t so full anymore, panic may start to set in. Losing your hair is associated with aging and aging isn’t something we take lightly. If you’ve found yourself wondering why your hair isn’t as glorious as it used to be, read on for some basic information about what you can to do about it.

Hair loss is a totally natural aging process. Hereditary hair loss, the kind that causes baldness, is most commonly seen in men. Typically, the hairline along the forehead begins to recede, the hair along the crown thins out, or there will be a general thinning out on top of the head. (If you experience lots of hair loss all of a sudden, you should go see a doctor. An underlying health condition may be the cause.) Some men lose their hair over the course of a few years, while others lose it slowly over many years. It all depends on genetics, however, at least 50% of men are affected by the age of 50. There is no way to prevent hair loss, but the objective is to catch it in the early stages to prevent as much damage as possible. So what can you do?

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Solutions for Slight Hair Loss



– (also known as Regaine) Available in two strengths, Monoxidil is put on the scalp. It works by activating potassium pathways. 


– Take 1 pill every day and your hair loss should stop. Not everyone responds to this treatment. After a while, you may even see hair start to grow back in some areas. In the US, Propecia is only with a prescription.


Solutions for Moderate Hair Loss


HairMax Laser Comb – This gadget sounds like a gimmick, but is uses lasers to increase ATP or adenosine triphosphate, which encourages cell growth. Trials show this little device to be successful in encouraging regrowth. Available on Amazon


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Solutions for Substantial Hair Loss


Hair Transplant –

A hair transplant requires individual hairs taken from the back of the head, that are then implanted into the top of the scalp. About 8,000 hairs can be grafted in a session of eight hours. About 25,000 hairs are needed to get a full look on top of the head. Multiple sessions may be needed to get the look you’re after. If you’ve lost a lot of hair from the back of the head, a hair transplant may not be possible because removing the transplant hairs from this area will make it look too sparse. The procedure shouldn’t be painful and there is no recovery time, however, you will need to use Propecia or Minoxidil afterwards to keep your remaining hair healthy and strong.

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No man wants to admit he’s losing his hair, but if you catch the problem early enough, there are some things to can do to slow it down. Maybe you want to embrace your inner Bald & Beautiful, and do like some of the movie stars on the big screen? Prove once and for all that your signature look may be the one that’s yet to come.