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There’s something to say for the well-appointed wrist. An elegant wristwatch, a tailored hem, a flash of panache with cufflinks. It’s a small accessory that adds major points by offering another way to add individual flair to your look.

If you are into men’s accessories, then you must pay attention to your cufflinks game.

We’ve rounded up six different cufflink styles to fit all of your preferences – big, husky, stylish, sleek – and will have you set up like a virtual haberdasher!

Let’s go ahead and get right into the first set. All of the products below have earned rave reviews and are some of the highest-rated on Amazon and other well-known sites.

Zunon World Map Cufflinks

Men Accessories Cufflinks

For anyone that is into traveling and culture, cufflinks that have a world map on them have to be at the top of your list.

Zunon is a popular brand in the men’s accessories niche and it is easy to see why.

Not only that but this price range is certainly not a problem for anyone that wears cufflinks enough to want to buy stylish ones.

There is a lot of social proof with these cufflinks also with the 4.5-star rating on Amazon out of over 100 reviews.

If you want a big and bold cufflink that also has a classy look, then go ahead and check them out!

Merit Ocean Steampunk Watch Movement Cufflinks

Men Accessories Cufflinks

These husky cufflinks from Merit Ocean had to make the list as soon as I spotted them on the first page of Amazon.

The best part about them is that you do not even need to wear a watch anymore because you have these!  

Just kidding, the cufflinks do not tell time, but they do tell people that you have some serious cufflink style if you show up wearing these. Cufflinks can be worn for a formal events or for a more casual business meeting — don’t be afraid to mix and match with your suits and separates.

Graphics & More Betsy Ross American Flag Cufflinks

Men Accessories Cufflinks

If you want to be stylish and patriotic at the same time, then Graphics & More has you covered with these 1776-inspired flag cufflinks.

They are very fashionable for professionals that want to show their American spirit and an amazing gift for anyone that is a veteran or currently serving the USA.

The design is more bold as the cufflinks are about an inch wide. Apart from the obvious, you can check out the link and look at the 5-star review and rating on Amazon, and that pretty much speaks for itself.

Honey Bear Initial Alphabet Cufflinks

Men Accessories Cufflinks

A classic signature look. Add your initials to your sleeves with Honey Bear’s Initial Alphabet Cufflinks.

These cufflinks are a popular choice for self or gifting for a loved one that uses cufflinks on a daily basis. With a pretty big and classy haberdashery look, these initial cufflinks are a go-to.

Mr. Van Natural Wood Cufflinks

Men's Accessories Cufflinks

Shake up your cufflink materials and texture with a woodgrain look. Subtle, attractive, and easy on the eye.

Mr. Van is a pretty big name in the cufflink space and they certainly hit it out of the park with this design. The cufflinks have an excellent rating online and you can’t go wrong here.

The cufflinks are very versatile and acceptable to wear in practically any setting from a casual meeting to a wedding reception.

Ornate Stainless-Steel Cufflinks

Men Accessories Cufflinks
The final cufflinks on the list are a product from Ornate featured on the largest online Cufflinks store, Cuff Daddy.

Cuff Daddy has an excellent display of classic haberdashery and will turn the heads of people that follow men’s accessories. 

You certainly can’t beat the sleek, powerful look that a pair of stainless-steel cufflinks give. The price is easy on the eyes too.

A final word: Make a statement with your selection of men’s accessories — start or finish the look with your cufflinks. Be sure to subscribe to Husky Executive to stay up to date with classic haberdashery.

Via Unsplash by Joshua Reddekopp.