Executive Fashion Must-Have: Hats

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Pulling off an executive hat and suit combo demonstrates a true master of the business fashion domain. While accessories like shoes and watches emphasize subtle sophistication, hats give an outfit personalized flair. From historic role models like Humphrey Bogart and Winston Churchill or more modern day leading men like Seth Rogen and Ben Affleck, hats have completed huskier fashion looks for centuries. Today, these fashion haberdasheries have surged and become more popular than ever, which have expanded a once limited selection of styles and colors.

Summer and fall present a lot of options and opportunities for many businessmen who want to shed the heavier appearance of winter fashion. Men face more limitations with accessory-styles and products to choose from. Dressing with a hat or cap offers a great solution with endless styling options.

1. Executive Hat Styles Complete the Look

Men around the world rely on hats to create a suave and sophisticated executive-style while still weathering the natural elements. In the summertime, having the ability to keep up practical and professional looks while also protecting the head from humidity and heat is essential. Autumn ushers in cooler mornings and evenings under the warm colors of changing leaves while the year begins its winding down. Rain, frost, and other unpredictable weather doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. 

To best style your professional attire with a hat, first consider brim size and the overall shape when determining what topper best suits your clothing and face shape. Couple this with the region where you live and associated weather conditions, and suddenly this process may seem daunting. Don’t let it be! Consider some of the below style suggestions that add regional flair while offering comfort during the summer and fall seasons.

2. The Classic Panama Hat

This style of hat is a true world traveler. With roots in Ecuador, Panama hats are a go-to for almost any summer occasion or style. Though they usually come in a light or bleached tones, they are also lightweight and breathable thanks to their palm plant leaf construction. Hatters, like those at the JJ Hat Center in New York City, offer some of the highest quality panamas in the state.

If trying to decide if this is a complimentary style for you, remember that you should use a larger brimmed version if you have a rounder looking face. Also consider a suit that is summer-oriented when wearing this hat, like ensembles made of linen.

3. Flexible Fedoras

When imagining fedoras, you may automatically think of felt, waxed cotton, or even leather. It’s a truly versatile style that has graced men’s fashion for generations. Although this iconic looking topper originated as a women’s accessory, it has evolved into the professional and casual business world quickly; readily embraced by Hollywood and British royalty alike which rocketed its popularity for spring, summer, and fall.

This hat comes in a variety of styles, though a broad brim protects against UV rays and without its overall appeal. If it’s a rainy fall season, you might consider visiting Flamekeepers Hat Club in NYC to get a leather waterproofed version, or you might want to fight the sweltering heat and sunshine by getting one made from straw. Either way, you’re going to make an impressive smart business look when pairing it with a button-down shirt and khakis. 

4. The American Cowboy Hat

If you didn’t realize the popularity of this hat, you may want to look around the streets more often when commuting to the office. Urban cowboys throughout New York are bringing a classic hat back to life: the American cowboy hat. Known for having a fur, straw, or leather base, business CEOs and even presidents of the United States have this topper as an essential accessory in their wardrobes.

Whether you have a preference for a ten-gallon style or want the brim up on the sides so people can see your face more clearly, NYC’s Space Cowboys hat shop shows that it’s possible to have this western wear highlight your favorite fall color looks. The sweatband inside helps to keep the sweat off your brow during a July heatwave, and a broad brim doubles as a sun shield and keeps unexpected rain off your face in autumn.

5. The Professional Pork Pie

Worn by famous men such as Buster Keaton and Cary Grant, the pork pie hat has a storied history in American culture throughout busy metropolises like that of Chicago and New York. While it had lost its popularity in the 50s, many fashion-forward young businessmen have brought it back to life.

Typically constructed from wool felt, it’s an excellent option for the milder and even cooler morning temperatures of fall. Yet, its short brim allows for better air movement, which keeps your head cool and comfortable if it’s warmer out. Paring it with a slim fitting jacket, button-down shirt, and trousers will create a smart business look that is bold and approachable. The Hat House in NYC has a large assortment of these classic hats, including material options if you would prefer a summer look that is also more cooling.

6. Make Hats a Mainstay in Your Style Options

With all of the options available to spruce up an outdated business exec-look, the addition of a hat and choosing complementing ensemble pieces can completely update it. On top of this fact, you also protect yourself against the elements in style, so viewing men’s hats as merely a way to accentuate your look is short-sighted. From presidents and CEOs to fishermen and cowboys, hats will forever have a place within the world of business style.

If looking for advice or resources to purchase a new headpiece, NYC offers some of the finest sartorial resources in the United States, and without a doubt, toppers fall into that category as well. Creating a superior look by adding a hat to your wardrobe adds function and flair while fostering the executive look that gets noticed and admired. A quality hat is a must-have addition to your wardrobe.
Via Unsplash by Craig Whitehead.