Dressing for Success for Men

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Trends come and go and seasons change, but a good wardrobe can take you effortlessly from occasion to boardroom without any fashion quandaries or wasted energy.

A well-dressed man will tell you it’s all about the fit but finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy. Dressing for your body type means understanding how garments can work to accentuate and flatter your individual features. Selecting a blend of suits and separates can be a breeze even if you have a husky, big, or tall body shape if you know how to shop, where to look, and have a skilled tailor on speed-dial!

The key is to embrace staple items and mix in hand-picked creative flair that complements your body type and gives you a confident edge. We’ve narrowed down the best places to find suits this season, as well as tips for dressing for your body type. 

1. Men’s Wearhouse

From workday to weekend, Men’s Wearhouse has suits in a range of sizes to fit every guy.  Tailored for the gentleman who prefers a roomier fit in the chest and waist, the Joseph & Feiss Gold sport coat is a dress-wear favorite. This $379.99 coat features silk, wool, and linen blend fabric, classic notch lapel, and check pattern.

Dressing for Success for Husky Men

2. MTailor

At MTailor, you can create custom clothes that are guaranteed to fit. The app lets you customize your entire wardrobe from fabric, collar style, buttons, thread color, and works with different body types. Don’t stress if you don’t know your exact suit size or have a measuring tape — the app makes measurements easy.  All you have to do is put your phone down, and in under 30 seconds, the machine learning algorithms measure 17 different points for clothes that they claim are 20% more accurate than a professional tailor.

They feature shirts in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors, that are perfect for mixing and matching with suits to show your personality and style. Made with 100% Cotton Broadcloth Heavy Weight, it’s available for $64 on the site. 

Dressing for Success

3. Suitsupply

There is nothing quite like a custom suit made just for you. For that impeccable fit from head-to-toe, Suitsupply offers the following options in select stores: 

  • In-store tailoring – Suitsupply offers an in-house tailoring service with a range of alteration points available for your new-purchased suit, most of which can be done while you wait. 
  • Custom made – The suit is tailored from scratch from your choice of fabric and fits the template. 
  • Custom made to measure – Choose from countless design options and over 1,000 Italian fabrics for the perfect fit of fully measured suits, jackets, trousers, and coats. 

Dressing for Success for men


For the latest trends in suits, ASOS DESIGN has got you covered. From tailored wedding blazers in neutral colors to extra slim suit jackets, ASOS DESIGN features a variety of styles that come in Plus and Tall as well.  

ASOS DESIGN Twisted Tailor PLUS skinny suit jacket in blue check with contrast piping. $290.00

Dressing for Success for Men Plus Size


ASOS DESIGN Plus skinny suit in navy. $110.00

Dressing for Success for Men Plus Size

When shopping for suits, pay attention to the color as well as the fit. Wear darker colors in areas that you want to camouflage and lighter tones over your slimmer areas. 

You’ll want to stick with pieces that lengthen your torso. Horizontal stripes will, unfortunately, make the big guy appear rounder. For the more substantial set of gentlemen, vertical lines are the way to go since they will draw the attention upward. 

Keep in mind, not all cuts and styles will work for you. In some cases, you might need a belt to balance proportions. Either way, know that there are looks out there for every style and body type, including your own. 

5. Fashion Tips for Guys with Different Body Types

Are you still flummoxed about what to wear and how to wear it? We’ve got you covered. 

Wearing clothes that fit you well will elevate your confidence. Whether you are going for a simple laid back look or sophisticated style, not all bodies are created the same. Check out these fashion tips for guys with different body types. 

The Dad Bod 

Described as softly round, think Vince Vaughn or Leonardo DiCaprio, no two dad bods are the same. The term “Dad Bod” describes a man who has a fit build but might have forgotten about the six-pack he used to have. Those athletic days are now over-replaced with a few extra layers around the tummy area. The dad bod can either have an oval shape and appear round or triangle shape with a large waist and hips and a more narrow upper body. 

Loose-fitting jeans or shorts and a tee are a perfectly suitable look for the dad bod. Opt for a classic cotton button-down shirt to minimize the abdominal area. 

These dark but not too dark, denim jeans are the prototypical, versatile blue jean. They are made with Cotton and Elastane and available at MTailor for $119. 

The Tall Guy 

Avoid anything that’s too loose or too slim as that will make you look even longer. Stick with shirts and t-shirts with a little more length. Adding layers and a belt will also give your look more dimension. 

If you are tall and don’t want to bother searching far and wide for sizes that will fit you, finding a good tailor will make your life easier. You won’t have to worry about wearing jackets that look too big or pants that reach your ankles. 

The Short Guy 

Add more stature to your look with the right clothes selection. For example, when buying t-shirts and jackets, avoid anything that looks oversized as this will make you appear shorter. Opt for fitted tees, and wear colors within the same color spectrum to lengthen your silhouette from head to toe. 

A hearty black shirt is a must-have addition to your button-down collection. The Wrinkle Free Black at MTailor is made of 100% Cotton Pinpoint. $89. 

Your clothes should be tailor-made for you. Find the right colors and patterns that best suit your style and customize your wardrobe with what makes you feel good both inside and out. 
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