From the Publisher’s Corner Office

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Welcome to Husky Executive! Our goal in this digital publication is to revolutionize the way millions of us view ourselves. And why not? We are the most consequential. We run the markets and make decisions that impact millions. Welcome to your outlet, a place where we finally see and celebrate ourselves. 

This digital publication has been in the works for a decade. Ever since I was a young child, I never saw guys like us in magazines of any kind and too often ignored by pop culture. Our women counterparts have tons of publications that embrace their differences. We encourage and admire their beauty. But why should the girls have all the fun? We are husky, portly, big, and tall executives, and no one has been telling our story. It’s our turn to embrace who we are.

So, Husky Executive is here to knock down that nonsense out of the park. 

Husky Executive writers will provide you with the must-have fashion for the office, vacation, and the golf course. We will also tackle relationships, workplace trends, politics, health and lifestyle, cocktails, and current legal issues impacting our families and businesses. What else? You can find our reviews of the latest business books, and get career advice from top-notch professionals, strategists, and all the other facets of society where our decisions are consequential.

Please subscribe to Husky Executive, tell your friends, and share the articles. Let’s make our publication successful so we can hit the ground running!


J.C. Polanco, Esq., MBA Publisher and CEO of Polanco Organization
Twitter: @JCPolancoNYC

Via Unsplash by Da Kraplak.